Sales Programs

Weekly programs

Each week, our expert team of merchandisers creates a high-impact program, designed to assist in maximizing sales and volume at their stores in a variety of different areas.

Strategic programs

Working with retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, we build strong and strategic programs that will help drive customers into your stores and profits into your registers.

Turn=key solutions

Weekly ad programs, pricing support and customized in-store execution provide turn-key solutions for your store.

Alpha 1 can provide turn-key merchandising programs in the following departments.

Grocery Store Aisle


Frozen Peas

Frozen / Ice Cream

Deli Counter

Deli / Dairy

Produce Shelves


Organic Food Section

Organic / Natural / Specialty



Ententenmann's Box

Direct Store Delivery

Bakery Cakes


Krasdale Mac & Cheese

Krasdale Private Label